Why choose Mixed Container Service (MSC) ?

If you purchase lots of materials from China, we can provide Mixed Container Service (MCS), based upon our 20 years experience in Chemicals. You just tell us what chemicals you need, and then we will purchase from manufacturers directly, and then we organise the packing, palleting, the container loading in a more professional, safe and economic way !

"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, but all the things we are doing and will do is to help our customers to solve problems and save costs."

Sophia Zhang

More Professional

As a Chemical company with 20 years history, we know well the chemical market in China so we can be better and easy to integrate resources.

More Safe

We are Chemical expert, and we know well the natural of Chemicals. So we can better understand how to avoid risk of laoding different chemicals into one container.

More Economic

We know Chinese Chemical market, and we know the best way to load different materials into one container, and we have Professional team, so it is economically Cost-saving.

Hazardous Chemical Secured

For some hazardous chemicals, it needs special secure protection to avoid risks of explosion or leaking.

Fiber drum Packing

Fiber drum or paper drum is norma packing of chemical materials. It is with two layers of PE bags inside.

Iron drum Packing

There are two kind of iron drums: Galvanized iron drum and Paint iron drum. Normally 80 drums in one 20"Container.




Mixed Container

There are different types of packing loaded into the container, such as fiber drum + bags + drums + boxes etc.

Paper bags Packing

Paper bags or PE bags are very popular in packing solid materials. It is with two layers of PE bags inside.

HEDP drum packing

There are big drum and small drum of HEDP plastic drum, such as 250kg, 200kg, 25kg etc. We can pack as your demand.

Secured Setting

After container loading finished, pieces of wood plunk would be set at the container door to secure the container further.

Carton Packing

Carton is also called Paer Box, also used to pack powder or crystal materials, with two layers of PE bags inside.

IBC drum Packing

IBC drum packing is very popular in recent years, due to it is easy to handle, normally 1000kg per drum.