Quality always comes first !

Product Quality is lifeline of TNJ Chemical, never sacrificing it for economy.

Quality Control Center QC hefei TNJ Chemical

Quality Control Center (QC)

Quality Control Center is an independent department in TNJ Chemical, responsible for checking, approving and confirming the product quailty requirements and test results etc.

TNJ Chemical quality control center

Lab Test Center (TC)

Lab Test Center is just responsible for doing lab testing, independent from Quality Control Center. They are just responsible for the lab test.

QC team of Hefei TNJ Chemical Industry

QC & TC Team

TNJ Chemical is equipped with a professional team of QC & TC, of which are most postgraduates of chemistry.  Many of them worked in TNJ Chemical more than 10 years. .

Quality Control for TNJ Products

- Test Center (TC) and Quality Control (QC) work independently.

- After production, sample sent to Test Center.

- Test Center test sample and feedback the result to QC.

- QC issues the Test Report and gives Approval or Disapproval.

- Only products approved by QC can be turned into the Sales Center

Quality Control for Trading Products

- QC sent the quality requirement to selected supplier.

- After production, supplier's sample sent to TNJ Test Center.

- Test Center test sample and feedback the result to QC.

- QC issues the Test Report and gives Approval or Disapproval.

- Only products approved by QC can be purchased for trading

Cargo Inspection

- We can provide TNJ Cargo loading inspection service.

- We accept Third-party (such as SGS) inspection service.

- Formal Inspection Report will be available after inspection.

- Cargo Inspection Service guarantees Product Quality.

How to handle Disqualified Products?

- TNJ Chemical never let Disqualified products come out of factory.

- We will put into New Production to keep in-time delivery.

- QC will make research on the Disqualified and find reason.

- QC provides improving methods, process again until it gets qualified.

Our Promise to Quality Control

By Jason Chen, QC Director

- TNJ Chemical has Zero-tolerance to quality issue.  We always think that quality issue is not a problem, but the most important is what we do to the quality issue. 


-  If you meet with quality problem any time, please feedback us immediately with the problem you meet, better with specific testing or usage results.


- We will take out the batch sample we keep in our QC center (all samples would be kept in QC Center for 3 years), and do the reserach again to find the problem.


- If we find its our mistake in quality, we will bear our responsibility to deliver new qualified batch immediately, and meanwhile organise to ship back the disqualified.  If you think no need to ship new batch and want to cancel the contract, we will refund immediately with no excuse.


- For any quality problem caused by us, we would like to reimburse all the travel cost and other cost you paid, including your visit to China.       


- We deeply agree that this is our promise, as well as our confidence to you. 

QC director for quality hefei TNJ Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd

Never Neglect Packing's affect to Quality !

TNJ Chemcial pays great attention to packing, to keep material safety and no-affect to quality.

automatic packing of hefei TNJ Chemical

Automatic Packing

Iron drum 200L of hefei tnj chemical

200L iron drum

paper drum of hefei tnj chemical industry

25kg Paper drum

plastic drum 200L of hefei TNJ Chemical

200L plastic drum

fiber drum of hefei tnj chemical

25kg fiber drum


20kg Carton packing

Do you need more packing modes or packing photos ?

Please contact us if you need more packing modes ? We can tailor our design to meet your request.