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SPAN 80 Sorbitan Monooleate CAS 1338-43-8

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Hefei TNJ Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd. is the key manufacturer and exporter of SPAN 80 Sorbitan Monooleate CAS 1338-43-8 since from 2010 The production capability for SPAN 80 Sorbitan Monooleate CAS 1338-43-8 is about 2,200 tons per year..  We export regularly to Korea, UAE, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Germany etc. The product quality is stable and meet Food, Pharma, Cosmetic and Industrial grade. We are also the key Tween 20 80 60 suppliers in China. If you need to buy SPAN 80 Sorbitan Monooleate CAS 1338-43-8, please feel free to contact:


Mr. Eric Ba       sales18@tnjchem.com


Span 80 also known as sorbitan monooleate or sorbitan oleate, is oily liquid with color from amber to brown, the relative density is 102.9 melting point 10-12ºC flash point 210ºC with fatty odor; It is insoluble in water and soluble in hot oil and organic solvent, not dissolves in isopropyl alcohol, four vinyl chloride, xylene, cottonseed oil and mineral oil, is a kind of advanced lipophilic emulsifier.

Industrial, Food, Pharma grade

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Span 80 is widely used in textile and many other industries as emulsifier, stabilizer, thickening agent and wetting agent, as dispersing agent in paint and coatings industry, as emulsifier in the oil industry, as co-solvent in petroleum products, as antirust agent in antirust oil industry, and also can be used as emulsifier emulsion explosives etc.

Packing & Transport

200kg/iron or HEDP drum, 16,000kg/20"FCL

Stored in cool, ventilated and dry place, far from fire, heat, moisture etc.

Transported as Common Chemicals.

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    SPAN 80 Sorbitan Monooleate CAS 1338-43-8
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