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Hydrazine sulfate CAS 10034-93-2

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TNJ Chemical is the key China manufacturer and supplier of Hydrazine Sulfate CAS 10034-93-2 with factory plant in Feidong Anhui since from 2010.  We export high quality product at good price with stable supply to wordwide such as Korea, UAE, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Germany, Syria, Nigeria etc, and receive good comments. If you need to buy Hydrazine Sulfate CAS 10034-93-2 or find product information TDS MSDS etc, please feel free to contact: sales@tnjchem.com


Item        Standard                    
Appearance        white powder
Assay        >=98.0%
Loss on drying        <=2.0%



Hydrazine sulfate is a salt formed by hydrazine and sulfuric acid, and has the molecular formula N2H4·H2SO4. It is colorless and odorless scaly crystal or orthorhombic crystal. Slightly soluble in cold water, soluble in hot water, acidic in aqueous solution. Insoluble in alcohol. Stable in the air, not easy to absorb moisture. It is a strong reducing agent. Do not coexist with alkalis or oxidants. There is a possibility of carcinogenesis.

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    Hydrazine sulfate CAS 10034-93-2
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