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CAS 81-13-0 Dexpanthenol 98% 75%

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Product Features of Dexpanthenol 98% 75% CAS 81-13-0

The effect of D-panthenol CAS No. 81-13-0 on the skin:

Promote the metabolism of human protein, fat and carbohydrates, protect skin and mucous membranes, prevent small wrinkles, inflammation, sun exposure, and erosions. It is a non-sticky moisturizing ingredient with a strong moisturizing effect. It is similar to the skin’s sebum membrane and is easily absorbed Penetrates and infiltrates the stratum corneum on the skin surface, makes the skin soft, effectively prevents skin roughness, achieves the effect of skin moisturizing and tissue repair, and gives the skin luster.

The effect of D-panthenol cas 81-13-0 on hair:

Improve hair gloss, prevent hair loss, promote hair growth, keep hair moist, reduce hair split ends, prevent brittleness and breakage, and protect, repair and care for hair.


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    CAS 81-13-0 Dexpanthenol 98% 75%
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