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Soy Lecithin powder/liquid CAS 8002-43-5

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Hefei TNJ Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd. is the key manufacturer and exporter of Soy Lecithin powder/liquid CAS 8002-43-5 since from 2010 The production capability for Soy Lecithin powder/liquid CAS 8002-43-5 is about 20,000 tons per year..  We export regularly to Korea, UAE, Russia, Brazil, Nigeria, Malaysia, America, Germany etc. The product quality is stable and meet Pharmaceutical, Feed and food Grade. We are also the key Erythritol suppliers in China. If you need to buy Soy Lecithin powder/liquid CAS 8002-43-5, please feel free to contact:


Ms. Sophia Zhang       sales04@tnjchem.com


Soy lecithin is a pure natural compound nutrition source extracted from soybean oil. The main nutrients are lecithin(PC), cephalin(PE), inositol phospholipid(PI), VE, glycolipid, neutral vegetable oil, play an important role in animal body fat metabolism, muscle protein production, nervous system development, enhance disease resistance and anti-oxidation in vivo and so on. Soy Lecithin Powder is a natural emulsifier obtained from the soylecithin in liquid form. The product is a mixture of phospholipids.

Soy Lecithin 99% Powder & 60% Liquid

GMO Free, Food and Feed grade. Please contact us for specification details.


- Soya lecithin is used to prevent and treat atherosclerosis. 
- It will prevent or delay the occurrence of dementia. 
- It can break down the body of toxins, owns the effective of white-skin.
- Soya lecithin has the function of reducing serum cholesterol levels, prevent cirrhosis, and contribute to the recovery of liver function.
- It will help to eliminate fatigue, intensify the brain cells, improving the result of nervous tension caused by impatience, irritability and insomnia.


- In Food Industries

Soya Lecithin is used as Natural Emulsifier, Wetting agent, Dispersing agent, Stabilizing agent, Viscosity Reducing agent, Antispattering agent, Mixing & Blending agent, Release agent, Conditioning, Lipotropic, Surface Active Agent and as an Emillient and Antioxidant as well.

- In Cosmetics Industries

Lecithin adds to Suppleness, Penetration, Lather Stability, Better Distribution, Skin Protection and care.  It is a good antioxidant since its chelating ability enables it to combat complex heavy metals. Lecithin increases respiration capacity of the skin. Usage level is 0.5% to 2.0%

- In Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Industries

Lecithin is natural dietary source of Essential Phospholipids-the valuable nutrients viz Phosphatidyl choline, Phosphatidyl ethanolamine, Phosphatidyl inositol & Phosphatidyl serine. These phospholipids are the building blocks of life and are vital for healthy function of every cell membrane in the body.

Packing & Transport

1) 20 liters Portable plastic drums, with 12 tons total.

2) 200kgs HDPE drums:1x20 fcl can load 80 drums,

with 16 tons total.

3) 1MT IBC drums:1X20fcl can load 20 IBC drums, with 20tons total.

4) Flexi bag packing with 22 tons total.

5) 25kg/fiber drum or bags for powder.

6) 200kgs net weight steel drums(small mouth & top open)

- Small mouth :1x20 fcl can load 98 drums, with 19.6tons total.
- Top open: 1x20 fcl can load 80 drums, with 16 tons total

7) Stored in cool, dry and ventilated place, far from fire, heat and water.

8) Transported as Common chemicals.

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    Soy Lecithin powder/liquid CAS 8002-43-5
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