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Sodium butyrate 99% CAS 156-54-7

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Sodium butyrate CAS 156-54-7 is widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry, cosmetics, feed, aquaculture and other industries. Sodium butyrate is one of the allowed feed additives in China.It can be used as compound acidifier, electrolyte balance regulator, gastrointestinal micro-ecological balance regulator, fragrance agent, attractant and other components to play its unique role.


TNJ Chemical provides feed grade,  food grade and medical grade Sodium butyrate, as well as Coated Sodium Butyrate 30% 50% 70% etc.


(Content)   ≥99.0% 
(appearance )  White powder 
(Loss on drying)  ≤5.0% 
(Smelting point) 250.0-253.0ºC
(Free acid) ≤ 2.0ml 
(Free alkalinity) pass 
(Total number of colony) < 1000cfu/g 
(saccharomycetes/mould) < 50cfu/g
(Coliform) negative 
(endotoxins) ≤1.0 I.U./g 
PH(1% Solution ) 6.0-9.0
(Heavy metals as pb ) ≤0.0005% 
(As ) ≤3PPM 1PPM
(water -insoluble) ≤0.01%








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    Sodium butyrate 99% CAS 156-54-7
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