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Sodium Vinyl Sulfonate (SVS) CAS 3039-83-6

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TNJ Chemical is the key China manufacturer and supplier of Sodium Vinyl Sulfonate (SVS) CAS 3039-83-6 with factory plant in Feidong Anhui since from 2010.  We export high quality product at good price with stable supply to wordwide such as Korea, UAE, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Germany, Syria, Nigeria etc, and receive good comments. If you need to buy Sodium Vinyl Sulfonate (SVS) CAS 3039-83-6 or find product information TDS MSDS etc, please feel free to contact: sales@tnjchem.com


  Condensate         ≤35%
  Assay         25%-26%
  Color         ≤200
  PH         7-11
  Appearance         Light yellow liquid


SVS is used for Brightener, leveling agent, dispersant, impurities tolerance agent for low current region for nickel plating.

Widely used in the synthesis of auxiliary materials for environment friendly water treatment emulsifier,pure acrylic emulsion,styrene-acrylic,acetic styrene-acrylic emulsion and other emulsions. It used in synthetic fibre and polymeric invert monomer for its many good characteristics, such as stability, resistibility and reducing shrinkage cavity. Also used as sulfo-group ethyl auxiliaries, electrofacing gloss agent, surfactant, pharmaceutical intermediates and other fields.

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    Sodium Vinyl Sulfonate (SVS) CAS 3039-83-6
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