Sea Transportation of 3-mercaptopropionic acid CAS 107-96-0 3-MPA


3-mercaptopropionic acid (short name 3-MPA, CAS 107-96-0 ) is used as an intermediate of fenalo and as a stabilizer of polyvinyl chloride. Like thioglycolic acid, it can be used in transparent products. It has very good thermal stability and is superior to other stabilizers. It is also used as antioxidant, catalyst and biochemical reagent. Appearance: transparent liquid, with strong sulfide smell, huge odor and toxicity.

UN No.: 2922

English name of correct transportation: corrosive liquid, toxic, n.o.s

Chinese name of correct transportation: corrosive liquid, toxicity, not otherwise specified

Category: 8

Side hazards: 6.1

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3-mercaptopropionic acid booking information: (2-3 weeks in advance)

A. Shipping power of attorney B. scanned copy of dangerous package certificate

C. English MSDS (16 items complete) d. application form for dangerous goods

3-mercaptopropionic acid shall provide the scanned copy of the dangerous package certificate when booking the shipping space, and the original shall be provided when making the dangerous declaration. MSDs in English, original hazardous packaging certificate and declaration power of attorney are required for declaration. The container number is required when making the dangerous declaration, so the team / warehouse shall be arranged to release the documents and pick up the containers the day before the dangerous declaration. Note that the shipping company’s free container time is 7 days. You can’t pick up the container too early. You need to pay attention to this node. There is an overdue container fee if it is early. However, for large shipping companies like MSC, sometimes the internal order cutting time of the shipping company is earlier than the declaration time of danger cutting, so there is no way to avoid the overdue container cost. We can only try our best to control it and arrange the driver to pick up the container after the early morning without affecting the order cutting.

3-mercaptopropionic acid cas 107-96-0

The next step is to issue the pre allocated manifest for customs declaration. The shipping agent will issue the manifest to the customs in advance according to the booking information of the export company before export customs declaration for the customs to check the data. If there is no pre configured manifest for customs declaration, first confirm whether the pre configured manifest information is sent and whether the manifest information is expired. If it is not sent or expired, the shipping agent can send it again. It’s best to check the pre prepared manifest for customs declaration the day before customs declaration. If there are problems, they can be found and handled as soon as possible.

Customs declaration data of 3-mercaptopropionic acid: (provided 4-5 days before sailing)

A. Customs declaration form B. customs declaration power of attorney C. packing list D. invoice E. declaration elements


Container loading and port entry: This product needs to be loaded directly at the ship’s side. It will not be sent to the cabinet until the acceptance plan is accepted. Shanghai is divided into two wharfs, outer port and Yangshan. The outer port is the advanced dangerous warehouse and then customs declaration, and Yangshan is the first customs declaration and then sent to the wharf for direct loading.


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