Synthesis methods of Cinnamyl alcohol CAS 104-54-1 and its appliation


Synthesis methods of Pharma grade Cinnamyl alcohol CAS 104-54-1: Add 0.01 parts of aluminum scraps to 1 part of benzyl alcohol, heat to 60°C to release hydrogen, and raise the temperature to 180°C until hydrogen is released. After cooling and filtering, the aluminum benzyl alcohol solution is added to the mixture of benzyl alcohol and cinnamaldehyde (mass ratio 1:1). It was heated to boiling under the condition of 0.0027MPa, and the benzaldehyde produced by the reaction was distilled out at 80°C with a reflux ratio of 3 to 4, and benzyl alcohol was added at the same time.



Until the theoretical amount of 95% benzaldehyde is distilled, the feed is stopped, the remaining benzyl alcohol is distilled, and then the crude cinnamyl alcohol is distilled. After vacuum distillation, a 117°C (7kPa) fraction was collected, which was cinnamyl alcohol. Cinnamyl Alcohol 104-54-1




Cinnamyl alcohol is mainly used to prepare apricots, peaches, raspberries, plums and other spices, cosmetics and soaps. Comfortable fragrance, elegant fragrance can also be used as a deodorant. Often used together with phenylacetaldehyde, it is an essential spice for the preparation of narcissus and rose incense. Alcohol is a food flavor permitted by China’s “Sanitary Standards for the Use of Food Additives” regulations. It is mainly used to prepare strawberry, lemon, apricot, peach and other fruit flavors and brandy flavors. The dosage of chewing gum is 720mg/kg; 33mg/kg for baked goods; 17mg/kg for sugar; 8.8mg/kg for soft drinks; 8.7mg/kg for cold drinks; 5.0mg/kg of alcohol

It can be used to prepare cinnamic acid chloride, which is an excellent raw material for preparing long-acting and versatile vasoconstrictor naprozine. The anti-tumor drug toremifene. Flunarizine hydrochloride is a calcium antagonist and can also be synthesized with cinnamic acid chloride. Cinnamyl alcohol is also used as a raw material for preparing spices cinnamate



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