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1,3-Dioxolane 98%

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TNJ Chemical is a professional 1,3-Dioxolane supplier with factory located in Feidong Chemical Park of Anhui since from 2001. To find more about 1,3-Dioxolane, including supplier price, manufacture process, technology support etc, please contact sales@tnjchem.com



Product Name:  1,3-DIOXOLANE
Molecular Formula C3H6O2
Molecular Weight  74.08 g/mol
CAS Number  646-06-0
Appearance  Colorless transparent liquid
Freezing Point  ≥-26ºC
Stability Stable under recommended storage conditions.
Contains the following stabiliser(s):
BHT (0.0075 %)





Item Specification 99.9% grade Specification 99.99% grade
Appearance Colorless transparent liquid Colorless transparent liquid
Water 0.01% max 100ppm max
Density 1.050~1.070 g/ml
Peroxide 0.001% max 5ppm max
Assay 99.9% min 99.99% min
Formaldehyde   50ppm max
Methyanol   50ppm max
Methylal   50ppm max
2-Methyl-1,3-dioxolane   300ppm max
Inhibitor   50ppm max
K/Na/Fe/Ca/Ni/Cu/Cr   0.5ppm max

It’s a kind of excellent organic solvent, whcih can be used as the solvent and extractant of oil and fat, the electrolytic solvent of lithium battery, and the stabilizer of chlorinous solvent.
Packing and Storage
Packing  In 200kgs net drum.
Storage  Keep container tightly closed in a dry and well-ventilated place. Containers which are opened must be carefully resealed and kept upright to prevent leakage.
Store under inert gas.
Storage class (TRGS 510): Flammable liquids




Safety Information
UN number: 1166 Class: 3 Packing group: II  





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    1,3-Dioxolane 98%
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