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Top listed Imidazole supplier and manufacturer in China

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TNJ Chemical is honored as top listed Imidazole Supplier and manufacturer in China – USP BP quality standard, more than 200 employees, 28 technology and R&D staff, modern equipment and stock warehouse etc. If you want to buy Imidazole CAS 288-32-4, please contact sales@tnjchem.com




Product name Imidazole

CAS NO. 288-32-4
Alias 1,3-diazolyl; m-diazoene;
Molecular formula  C3H4N2

Molecular weight 68.0773
Structural formula
System number
H.S Code: 29332900
UN number: 3263
Dangerous goods grade: 8
Packing category: III




This product is white prismatic or flaky crystal, soluble in water, alcohol, slightly soluble in benzene, insoluble in petroleum ether, toxic, irritating and corrosive to skin and mucous membrane.




Appearance     White prismatic crystal or flaky
Assay                  ≥99.0%(GC)
Moisture           ≤0.5%



500kg/bag,25kg/drum or bag. It should be stored in cool and dry warehouses. Keep it away from toxic substance. During transportation, please handle it with care to protect its package complete since it has quite high mositure absorbility.



It can be used in imidzaole antifungal drug: miconazole, econazole, clotrimazole and ketoconazole. it is also the intermediate of ardiovascular drug, ingredient of perservative and curing agent of epoxy resin.






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    Top listed Imidazole supplier and manufacturer in China
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